Creating a Memorable Trade Show Experience

Feb 22, 2018




Creating a Memorable Trade Show Experience

Long gone are the days where a company would see exhibiting as an excuse to get out of the office, set up a table and chairs and passively wait for someone to stop by long enough to get their name in the lead retrieval system. In today’s world, competition is fierce – so in this blog we will address what makes for a memorable experience on the trade show floor, and how to step up your game so you can be a leader at your next industry event.

Regardless of whether you are a novice or trade show warrior, you always need new ideas to take your marketing to the next level. How you are remembered long past the trade show is what matters. In fact, making those long-lasting impressions is hard – but it’s also a must for most companies to see their return on investment.  So, how do you stand out and make those lasting impressions and memorable encounters?

Things are changing rapidly, mainly due to new technologies being incorporated into custom exhibit design and how those technologies are enabling new experiences and opportunities to engage with potential customers. In short, offering an “attraction,” delivering an “experience,” and getting visitors excited about what they are seeing is where it’s at.  Following are some key ways to implement a memorable trade show experience:

  1. Get visitors emotionally connected to your brand

Fundamentally, long-lasting impressions come to those who combine the aesthetics of a brand and booth – incorporating the five senses–with an emotional connection visitors experience with your brand or product.  It’s not the giveaways that make that impression; it’s their emotional connection with your brand. How do you do that? People may not remember what you said, or even what they saw, but they will always remember how they felt or what they experienced.  So, when creating that emotional experience, think of how your company is different and how you can highlight this in a way that gives visitors reason to care.

  1. Authenticity rules, always

Tell a story about why your business exists, and go beyond basic expectations when it comes to delivering that message to create an authentic and unforgettable attendee experience.  Plato once said “those who tell the stories rule society.”  We believe that everything you present at a trade show says something about who you are. The environment and atmosphere you produce with your custom booth is the beginning of how your company expresses itself and its core values. Be true to your brand, and don’t mimic what your competitors are doing. Rather, be authentic in conveying what you represent and ask yourself what do you want attendees to walk away with?  If you incorporate something unexpected, visitors will appreciate this and share your story with others.  Now that’s good marketing.

  1. Put on a show

Don’t underestimate the power of going viral, which is a net effect of making something fun happen in your booth. It happens every day on the show floor, for those exhibitors that go beyond the expected. If you make a fun and inviting booth, and add some form of “attraction” or entertainment, your booth will be packed during show hours.  These types of experiences are often recorded, and shared with friends and co-workers, often leading to the photo or video getting some attention on social platforms. Viral marketing can place you on the map – so don’t stop short of delivering an awesome experience at your booth. Introduce humor, add novelties – and tie in all the pieces of your campaign with a well-planned marketing strategy.

  1. Enter to win

Show contests can start conversations and create excitement on the show floor. Have a big giveaway on the last day of the event, so you have several days of momentum leading up to the big winner.  This is an opportunity to have meaningful conversations, and build up goodwill leading up to that announcement. Oh, and you can also get names for your email list and get people talking about you.

  1. Engage with technology

One of the biggest things that we continue to see in 2018 is the rapid proliferation of new technology hitting the trade show floor.  The word is getting out that 3D, VR and AR are attracting show goers who are interested in experiencing a brand via technology.  From the way you conduct demos and display products to the way you share information and introduce an experience using your product, custom booths that incorporate the tech factor are a huge hit.

  1. Wrap it up with social media

So, while much of your activity happens at the show, there are opportunities to share all the fun and excitement in social channels before, during, and after the event. You might load a video of a booth visitor driving your virtual car on day one, and then follow-up sharing your industry knowledge, demos in action, images of your very busy booth, and yes – how friendly your staff is and who won the iPad giveaway too.  Social posts solidify both your presence at the event and industry expertise, and in the end, it’s just another way to share experiences and engage with your target market.


If you want to succeed in trade shows, think past the trade shows of past and get on board with new and efficient ways to convey your branding and key messages. You will need to get creative and create an experience that will remain top of mind after the show. That’s where we come in, with custom exhibit design that takes into account your unique company and products while elevating your brand experience.

We’ve got a few ideas for you. Contact exhibiTeam today.

Post by Scott Arbogast

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