Helpful Tips for Group Product Demonstrations

Apr 09, 2018




At trade shows, individual and group product demonstrations are not only important –they are necessary. We’ve recently covered Tips for Effective Trade Show Demos, so this blog will focus on group product demonstrations.

Group presentations can be a very impactful way to draw visitors from the aisle into your booth (which is why you are there to begin with, right?).  Keep in mind that If you are doing a , that requires several unique considerations, which include new product signage, product lighting, etc.  Regardless of what your situation is, always be prepared to do both individual and group presentations at your booth.

Below are six tips for effective group product presentations:

Check it off in the design phase

When designing your company booth, it’s important to evaluate your unique value proposition, what your product is and how it functions in order to create an exhibit space that provides maximum results.  This can be as simple as creating a large demo table in the center of your booth, where all your products are, and where visitors can access product from all sides. Or, maybe you will have a need to create a glass case display to show off products that contain sensitive material.  Perhaps your product needs to be plugged in – so planning for electrical will be important. Group presentations require a good amount of space – and maybe even a stage—so be sure you keep this in mind when designing your company’s display.

Enable maximum interaction

If you have a physical product that can be held by hand, allowing trade show goers to touch and interact with your product is a great idea. If possible, make a presentation while people are experiencing the product for maximum understanding and impact or allow prospects to interact directly with your product once your demonstration has concluded. If you are looking for more tips on displaying your product, see Practical Tips for Displaying Product at Trade Shows.

Categorize products on display

If you need to organize a variety of products, we have seen success with labeling products by how they will benefit the end-user. Organizing the products by ‘use case’ allows a visitor to hone in on personal interests. For example if you’re a biker, here’s products designed for you. If your product has moving parts, put them in motion to attract visitors passing by.

Telling stories

We’ve covered the power of story-telling recently in Telling a Story with Use Cases . For group presentations, the simplest way to do so is by telling a story about your target customer and the conundrum they face without your product. Explain the problem and then show how they will experience a breakthrough by investing in your product. Remember, don’t talk features – talk about how users will benefit.

Live Presentations

Doing a live presentation works to drive traffic to your booth and get those leads you need.  Having a staged area for speaking to a group can be powerful for some exhibitors who have large crowds gathering and can organize group presentations on site. The goal of the presentation is to provide the audience with basic information that is useful and memorable.  It should be high level and answer the questions, “Why do you exist?” and “Why should I care?”  They simply need to know who has a problem, how are you solving this problem, why it matters to them. It’s been said that an audience takes away three things from your presentation, so keep it meaningful.


If you are a marketer, you understand the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid).  Keep group product presentations short and to the point. Elaborate on key benefits. You need to make an impression, and not necessarily educate – so be sure to cover the problem, how are you solving this problem.

If you are thinking about updating your product display area or incorporating space for group product presentations, give us a call. We will help you determine the best course of action based on your unique needs. We’re here for you. Call or email us at

Post by Scott Arbogast

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