Leave A Lasting Impression With On Point Promotional Swag

Leave A Lasting Impression With On Point Promotional Swag

The design and execution of your booth display are vital to the success of your trade show. This is your invitation to attract potential customers and an inviting space creates a great first impression. An excellent way to reinforce that impression is by offering promotional giveaway items. It’s important to note that not all giveaway items are created equally. In fact, the wrong item may detract from the effort you put into your trade show exhibit and not leave that positive lasting impression that you were hoping for. For this reason, it’s vital to follow a few guidelines when choosing the perfect promotional pieces.

1. The item must resonate with your target demographic. A good rule of thumb is to use three to five demographics and psychographics when choosing the most strategic promotional product possible. Let’s say your target is Human Resource directors who tend to be female and are between 25 to 40 years old. In this case a vacuum-sealed stainless steel travel tumbler would be an excellent choice. Your logo would be displayed prominently during the show and after the show as they take their favorite beverage with them wherever they happen to go. If your target was contractors or another trade industry, custom tape measurers or screwdrivers would be appropriate choices.

2. The items you choose must also be of quality. A poor-quality item is more likely to leave a bad impression and probably end up in the trash. Recent statistics show that in 2020 (Pre-covid) approximately $20 billion worth of promotional items were handed out, and almost $16 billion of that amount was wasted. Thinking higher quality and lower quantity when allocating your promotional budget is always a great place to start.

3. Your promotional swag should also be useful and serve a purpose such as the travel tumbler mentioned above. Some other handy examples include; chip-on-board (COB) flashlights. COB lights are extremely bright, simple to pack and are very useful. Custom pens are always a popular item. Branded banner pens actually have a small banner that you pull out from the side on which you can print educational and contact information. Tote bags are also useful during the show itself and can be used long after a show is over.

Once you have found the ideal promotional giveaway item, you’ll also need to think about how to brand it. This can be done in the form of logos, taglines, URLs, and QR codes. The size of the item will determine what works best for your particular situation. If you’re looking for innovative ways to make your company stand out from the pack in the highly competitive trade show industry, exhibiTeam offers unlimited solutions that will not only draw attention, but also create long-lasting memorable impressions. Want to learn more about how to incorporate any of these ideas into your next trade show? The experts at exhibiTeam can guide you through options and costs and provide you with a complimentary consultation. If interested, please CLICK HERE to fill out a brief questionnaire or hit us up at 858.240.7530.

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