exhibiTeam x THERYQ make a splash at ASTRO 2023

exhibiTeam x THERYQ make a splash at ASTRO 2023

This year’s American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) show was hosted at the San Diego Convention Center. The only thing that could rival the absolutely perfect weather America’s finest city had to offer was this venue and many of the innovative exhibits that were on display. ASTRO is a professional association in radiation oncology that is dedicated to improving patient care. By utilizing professional education and training for clinical practice and health policy standards, ASTRO is focused on the advancement of science, research and advocacy.

Inline Trade Show Display Rental 10 x 20 - ASTRO 2023 - THERYQ

exhibiTeam is proud to be in association with ASTRO, the company shares their passion for #radiation therapy and #cancer treatment. exhibiTeam is a custom trade show display provider that offers the following trade show services: display design, materials sourcing, construction, transportation, set-up/installation and teardown, storage, maintenance, trade show management. They are a family run company headed by industry experts that are dedicated to providing premium services to trade show exhibitors.

One of the featured exhibitors at ASTRO 2023 was France based THERYQ, an innovative medical technology company that specializes in FLASH radiotherapy systems. Innovation is not all they do, THERYQ is also committed to ensuring that the future of #radiation therapy is brighter, more accessible and more effective than ever. This collaboration with THERYQ is just one of that many initiatives that are helping exhibiTeam establish a footprint in the European trade show market.

Inline Trade Show Display Rental 10 x 20 - ASTRO 2023 - THERYQ

This event was all about fostering connections and collaborations within the #radiation therapy and #cancer treatment community. THERYQ team members were able to engage with fellow researchers, clinicians and industry leaders who share the company’s passion for pushing the boundaries of #cancertreatment. Several factors contributed to the success at ASTRO 2023, including their custom 10×20 inline rental tradeshow display that was designed, setup and maintained by exhibiTeam. The wide-open space featured a welcoming sophisticated, yet simple approach. By incorporating custom cabinets, lighted display walls and a convenient and comfortable seating area, the THERYQ exhibit provided THERYQ with a dynamic presence the company aspired for while also attracting numerous potential opportunities to foster and grow relationships abroad.

Inline Trade Show Display Rental 10 x 20 - ASTRO 2023 - THERYQ

If you’re looking for innovative ways to make your company stand out from the pack in the highly competitive trade show industry, exhibiTeam offers unlimited solutions that will not only draw attention, but also create long-lasting memorable impressions. Want to learn more about how to incorporate any of these ideas into your next trade show display? The experts at exhibiTeam can guide you through options and costs and provide you with a complimentary design consultation so you can make an informed decision. If interested, please click here to fill out a brief questionnaire or give us a ring at 858.240.7530.

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