Stay Inline with your bottom line.
Inline or Isle booths are the most common displays at trade shows. This is because they occupy the most plentiful spaces available. Because you’ll have booths on either side of your exhibit in an aisle, Isle booths can represent the most challenging displays to differentiate yourself from those exhibitors around you. However, they are the more economical choice.
exhibiTeam has a team of trade show display designers consistently create display environments that visually attract attendees. They will help you stand out from other booths with proper positioning and branding allowing you to allocate more of your trade show budget for digital market channels, staffing or other costs.
A short conversation with one of our trade show industry experts can be the start of a successful show. We would love to talk about your unique exhibit requirements and budget.

Work we’ve done

Inline Displays
The majority of booths at any given trade show are inline displays. They are the connective tissue between island displays and line the pathways throughout the floor. Having an inline display designed and built by exhibiTeam will help you stand out in the clutter. Check out some examples of custom inline trade show displays we have created for our clients.
Is an Island Display right for you?
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“Scott and the team personally care about their customers and take pride in their projects while pushing the limit on design and execution.”
Renting vs. Buying
There are many important factors to consider when it comes to renting or buying a custom trade show display. Thankfully we specialize in both. Below we shed some light on which option is best suited for you and your company.


  • Exhibit with varying booth sizes from show to show
  • Prefer to change the look and functionality of their booth often
  • Do not want to own a display and have to deal with storing it


  • Exhibit at the same shows with the same booth size for two-three years or longer
  • Do not anticipate changing the look and functionality of their display design often
  • Want to maximize their investment for the long run
Booth size does matter.

If you thinking about having an Island or Inline Display at your upcoming show we can help determine which size is best for your needs and budget. We offer custom displays in all shapes and sizes including but not limited to; 10′ x 20′ | 20′ x 20′ | 20′ x 40′ | 40′ x 40′ | etc. With more than forty years of combined experience in the business, exhibiTeam excels at designing and building trade show displays that are individually customized for each customer.

Creating a welcoming space that showcases your products/services is a crucial first step to a successful show. A custom display designed by our experts will increase booth traffic and elevate visitor engagement.

Our displays will help you:
  • Be recognized as a leader in your industry
  • Maximize connection with prospects and event attendees
  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Increase exposure and lead potential
  • Create a lasting impression
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“exhibiTeam has been a pleasure to deal with. Each member of the team that we’ve interacted with has exceeded our expectations. With exhibiTeam setting up for us, we feel confident that we will have an excellently constructed and eye-catching setup no matter the location.”

Is an Inline Display right for you? Talk with an exhibiTeam expert today.

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