Tips for Effective Trade Show Product Demos

Feb 22, 2018




Designing an effective trade show display that delivers quantifiable ROI is one of the primary goals for trade show marketers. But there is one aspect that reigns supreme here and that’s the “product demo.” It’s the one thing trade show goers always remember – and if done correctly, can lead to the quantifiable ROI you are expecting from your trade show investment.

Naturally, this process for the ultimate product demo—for your specific product—should start when designing your custom booth. Today there are clever, unique and interactive ways to incorporate demos for high impact. Product demos are known for high attendee interest and can result in high conversion rates, but one thing for sure:  they are never an afterthought.  Below are seven tips on producing compelling demos.

  1. Tell a good story.

Marketers know that without a good story, you are not likely to achieve traction with a product.  You need to ask yourself, why does this product matter to show attendees?  How will it alter/affect/improve their lives? Create a compelling story around the importance of your product and focus on how it solves a problem. No one cares that you won an award, that you were the first to do something, or what features you offer.  Focus on benefits and “Why” it matters to them.

  1. Create interest.

Inciting interest is easy when you make your product demo exciting. You should also you’re your demo to the five senses – as some people are more receptive to visuals where others are better with audio, etc. Regardless of what kind of product you have, you can make an interesting demo that gives people reason to consider your product.  Memorable demos result in sales, so develop a demo that is lively, different, and interesting.

  1. Make it real.

As a general rule, a real-life product demo is far more effective – and achieves a much higher cool factor – than a canned presentation. Take exhibiTeam customer, Wingfan, for instance. We recently created a custom exhibit that incorporated two of Wingfan’s fan blade assembly products, located at the front of the booth.  This out of the box design helped pique attendee interest, and it resulted in the highest number of people stopping by the booth (to see the product in action) in the company’s history.

  1. Interactive demos win hands down.

Knock it out of the park. Get people taking photos and videos. Think “viral.” Get your prospects involved. After giving a demo and getting them excited about the product, let them try it out, and have some fun with it. Today, customers want to experience products first hand – that’s one of the main reasons they attend tradeshows to begin with.

  1. Prove your claims.

One of the purposes of the demo is to prove your claims. Recreate a life-like scenario as part of your booth to demo your products. It may be something that works at the push of a button. If the demo is part of your exhibit, it will be more powerful and engaging – attracting attendees to your booth space.

  1. Show some personality.

When considering booth staff and who will give product demos, choose charisma and outgoing personalities.  This is key – and often overlooked.  If you don’t have people on staff that fit the bill, consider hiring a professional to give demos.  Don’t fall short of a great presentation – remember that your trade show has little value if you don’t engage potential buyers who are vising your booth.

  1. It’s all about customer experience.

Last but not least, consider today’s options for the various new technologies for tradeshow displays that lend themselves to fantastic trade show product demos. Virtual reality is hot right now as it offers an immersive and interactive experience that customers want.  It’s also great for products that are too large to bring on the show floor. Video is always a good idea – and welcomed by almost everyone. And product demos using 3D technology take it to another level entirely.

If you are considering a new exhibit or want to refresh yourself on ideas to improve your current display and how you share your company’s products, contact us at exhibiTeam. Once we find out what your unique needs are, we can help you start down the path of fantastic demos.


Post by Scott Arbogast

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