What’s Hot in Exhibit Design for 2020

We’re excited to delve into what’s hot in exhibit design in 2020! This year we are including some trends in graphic design as well, since few things impact booth performance as much as graphics that represent a company’s brand. We’re all about making the most of your trade show experience in the new year, whether you are considering a rental exhibit, booth update, or an entirely new booth.

It seems exhibits are getting more extravagant, as those having walked the show floor at CES 2020 can attest to. Clearly, the possibilities are endless as exhibitors try to outdo the competition – and go beyond what they themselves did last year. Want to stand out this year and maximize quality leads? Read on…

Graphic Design

As a result of over doing graphics the last couple of years, 2020 trends are to go more natural with a new direction toward muted color palettes, heavy but simple fonts, unique abstracts and illustrations.


The options now are so varied, anything from natural woods to specialty laminates. This allows maximum customization, and company branding. The trend is more organic in nature, and textiles are still big. With textures, designs built around graphics, and new custom wall treatments such as moss walls, there’s a look out there for you.
Product Displays
2020 is starting to show how creative exhibitors can be when it comes to product displays. Custom cabinets, lighted display walls, custom product display centers within booths – the only limitation is your imagination. It’s important to team up with an exhibit company that is innovative in its design concepts, that way you don’t end up looking like the rest of the competition.

SEG Lighting

Most examples of LED lightboxes on today’s show floors are backlit tension-fabric constructions called silicone-edge graphics (SEG). It will be popular in 2020 due to the fabric, which is more durable than direct print graphics and given its lightweight aluminum frame, it’s less expensive to ship and maintain than other graphic options.

Kinetic Elements

It stands to reason that if you incorporate more movement in your booth, you will undoubtedly attract attendees’ eyes, promote foot traffic in your booth, and set you apart as an exhibitor. Together with your exhibit designer, you can create something unique to your company.

Experiential Design

Although experiential design is not new, it still holds a prominent place on trending concepts as it’s still all about having attendees understand and learn about products through experiences. Building in experiences attendees can have in your booth are all the rage and do bring in traffic. It’s your opportunity to immerse visitors in your world that will surely help people remember the experience and brand.

Fabric Architecture

Innovative forms of constructed tension fabric that deliver a variety of aesthetic free form designs. Depending on your goals, this might be just what you need to distinguish yourself on the trade show floor.

You only get one chance of a good first impression, so be sure it’s a good one. It’s important to partner with an exhibit company who can help take your ideas and knock it out of the park. Want to learn more about how to incorporate any of these ideas into your next trade show display? The experts at exhibiTeam can guide you through options and costs and provide you with a complimentary design consultation so you can make an informed decision. Call us today! 858.240.7530

Post by Brad Fernbaugh

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