THE Ultimate Trade Show Exhibit Budget Guide

It’s that time of year again – preparing trade show budgets for next year!  A previous blog about the Basics of Trade Show Budgeting described how to plan for and manage a trade show budget and what should be included. That blog served its purpose of providing some insights on how to prepare a quick ball-park budget.

However, there usually comes a time when you need to pinpoint exact costs to justify your trade show commitment, and will need to develop an accurate budget.  So, we’ve taken it one step further and prepared an easy to digest but detailed Trade Show Exhibit Budget Guide and Worksheet that will help you manage the various costs associated with exhibiting and walk through every phase of trade show planning. Regardless of your experience in managing trade shows, things are constantly changing and there always are countless things to consider, so we’ve created this Budget Guide so you can be in control of your spend and stay on top of your game.

Most exhibitors find budgeting to be an overwhelming yet imperative step in trade show planning. With this Budget Guide, we make it easy to prepare and anticipate costs by setting up a budget and creating estimates based on your company’s unique requirements and industry averages.  Created to compliment this Guide is our Trade Show Budget Worksheet – that will help you track your individual expenses, see where your money is going at a glance, and how your budget compared to your actual costs.

We can’t stress enough the importance of time management and staying ahead of the curve. No matter how well you budget if you aren’t following a timeline you will be spending needlessly by incurring late fees and rush charges. For that reason, our Budget Guide includes a timeline that should help you stay on schedule and you can prevent those, let’s say ‘unintentional’ expenses.

Don’t forget about the soft costs of exhibiting – many of which can be avoided altogether if you rely on the professionals at an exhibit house. Have a question we didn’t address or answer in the Budget Guide? Call us today!  We’re here for YOU.



Post by Brad Fernbaugh

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