New Trends in Trade Show Display Design

Jul 19, 2017




New Trends in Trade Show Display Design

What is trending this year in the tradeshow industry may not be trending next year.  However, we’ve developed a list of trends that we believe are here to stay for some time to come.  Why do some trends come and others go quickly?  We think it has to do with providing some kind of real value to exhibitors.  This value is interpreted in different ways – but the net result is an exhibit that is engaging, has the ‘wow’ factor, benefits from using newer technology, and results in meeting your show goals.

So, while it’s important to pay close attention to rising and falling trends, it’s most important to find out what areas can provide real value for you.  Here are six current trends that bring real value in trade show booth design:


  1. Enhance Experience & Engagement

Designing your booth to enhance engagement and attendee experience is moving to the forefront of wish lists. By keeping these areas in mind when designing a booth, a transformation of space becomes a reality with attendee touch-points. Whether it’s lounge seating next to literature stands and in front of monitors or walk-up interactive podiums—the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to improve booth engagement while improving user experience. There are no more ordinary tradeshows. Every customer touch point has to be a well thought-out one, leading exhibitors to present a personalized experience, making each attendee feel special and understood. A custom design exhibit agency can help create your inviting space that puts people in the right mood that will only help you to sell more of your products or services.


  1. Incorporate Some Personality

With the advent of social media, people want to have relationships with brands. So every company must have a brand-embodying exhibit structure that is in line with your brand marketing.  Exhibitors aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, they need to more than ever before. So organizations are showing more personality on the show floor and stepping up the branding up a notch. For some it may be that color is your distinguishing factor, or natural elements in booth design.  Maybe you want to be seen as edgy and use a combination of over the top graphics and flashy booth elements.  Many are turning to industrial looks and textures, mixing wood and metallic. There is no standard any more. Look at your roots, and get back to honesty and reality. Your customers expect this.


  1. Use Technology For Greater Impact

Technology is hotter than ever on the show floor, playing an important role in trade show exhibiting.  Virtual Reality (VR) hit it big in 2016, and this year it’s going to be even more ubiquitous.  According to a recent Forbes article, VR is one of the year’s biggest tech trends, making it mainstream this year onto the tradeshow floor, and very popular with show goers. VR allows exhibitors an interesting and affordable proposition to highlight what you do, helping to create unforgettable brand experiences.  Linking back to adding opportunities for engagement, adding more touch-points like screen displays and user tablets throughout the booth, helps to keep traffic in the booth—increasing the opportunity to generate qualified leads.


  1. Could Siri Help?

With artificial intelligence (AI), we’re not talking about bringing your Roomba to the show to clean up after booth traffic (although not a bad idea?).  AI can process and analyze information quicker than humans can, so the opportunity to prove some real value exists where you are able to quickly alter your sales pitch based on what industry or interests your attendees have.  Consumers are also becoming familiar and comfortable with AI devices. We think it’s double homerun when you can increase your efficiency on the show floor while increasing the opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing.


  1. Simple is Better

A packed exhibit hall can be a visually overwhelming place already, so the trend in design is to reduce chaos, and present a booth that is welcoming – with clean and simple lines and more minimalist designs. The complex curvy booths of a few years ago are being replaced by straight lines, and cluttered graphics are giving way to white space. This presents an extraordinary opportunity to be noticed.


  1. Start Your Own Trends

What is the competition doing? You know the routine; we all do it in marketing. But someone has to be first, to be bold and start something that may result in a trend. Will that be you? Do you want to be seen as an innovator, a company of firsts, thinking outside the box? If you are, you are only limited by your imagination. And that’s where we take over….


Staying on top of trends (or starting your own) will help you reach an ever-changing audience while empowering you to achieve your marketing goals via increased booth traffic. Partnering with a full-service custom exhibit design agency will help facilitate the meaningful interactions that you need between your brand and show attendees.

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Post by Scott Arbogast

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