Curetis Display gets Recognized as a Top Design!

Jul 19, 2017




Curetis Booth Achieves Inline Success

We’d like to congratulate our customer, Curetis, on being selected as one of the “Stand Out Exhibitors” at the ATS 2017 International Conference in Washington, D.C.!!

As a value-added exhibitor service, the ATS provided new exhibiting companies with a complimentary E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation. While conducting the evaluations, the expert evaluator looked for exhibits throughout the show that displayed imaginative, creative, and effective ideas and practices.

The Competitive Edge: 2017 ATS Stand-Out Exhibit Report includes effective exhibiting practices observed at ATS 17, evaluated in different categories.

The newly created booth, designed by ExhibiTeam, was given the top honors in the “Small booths that rock!” for “Quality property/Great design.”

Exhibiting effectiveness – would your booth pass the test?

Understanding how to make your booth more ‘effective’ is an important aspect when creating a new custom booth for your company.  Does it bring in the traffic? Does it stand out from the competition? Does it attract attention? What unique design elements help you to communicate your company message? Below are some additional details on the Curetis booth recognition, and how the newly designed booth stood out.

The Report says, “The Curetis booth is a very elegant and effective small booth. A quality backdrop used bright down lighting to draw your eyes to the company name and value proposition. Excellent quality graphics, eye catching imagery and a well-placed flat panel delivered drill down information. “  Recognized for its great design and quality, the Curetis booth was created to maximize effectiveness and stand out as an inline exhibitor – a challenging location to attract attention.  Bright eye-catching colors and imagery only add to its allure.

The main display structure was built using laminated wood panels with vinyl graphics applied. The reception counter features a front backlit graphic panel for an eye-catching lighting effect. Mounted to the back wall is a custom built acrylic product display holder, which was designed to be as functional as it is aesthetically appropriate. All of these elements were designed and built to match Curetis’ branding and style.

As a side note, we built it in a way that reduced the size of the shipping crates required and to minimize install & dismantle time. We met this challenge by cutting the back wall into six pieces so that they would fit into a smaller crate and be manageable for one person to handle, minimizing install and dismantle costs.

Exhibitors should view these ideas as examples of how to make your exhibit even more effective so that you achieve maximum return on your tradeshow investment.  It’s quite an accomplishment to be chosen from hundreds of exhibitors. Everyone wants their tradeshow booth to be recognized as the best in show – but how?

Our clients can depend on ExhibiTeam to collaborate on booth design that includes functional space, thoughtful design elements, and today’s modern materials and technologies.

Don’t miss out! Call us today to discuss how we can help your company with developing an award-winning booth today!


Post by Scott Arbogast

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