5 Ways exhibiTeam Will Set You Up For Success

Whether it’s your first trade show or your 50th, we share 5 must dos that will help ensure success at your next trade show.


1. Scout Your Location

The right location can make the difference between a positive or negative trade show experience. Prior to booking any event, exhibiTeam will survey the layout of the exhibit area. By conducting the proper research exhibiTeam will find out who is exhibiting and where they are located. This will help identify highly trafficked routes and avoid setting up next to direct competitors.


2. Early Birds Eat

Having your display setup completed before the show opens is critical. The last thing you want is for attendees to pass by your booth while you or your I&D team are still setting up. This leaves the impression that you’re not ready for business. When you partner with exhibiTeam your representative will ensure that you are ready to focus on generating new business.


3. Make A Statement

Whether you use a premade portable or custom designed trade show booth, the most effective way to attract attention is to have a display that stands out from the crowd. There are many bells and whistles such as display cases and meeting areas that will help generate a buzz. It’s also important to note that proper planning leads to great execution, so be sure to brainstorm ideas with your staff and exhibiTeam to create the most memorable experience possible.


4. Ball On A Budget

If you’re just starting out or don’t currently have the budget to purchase a custom designed display, exhibiTeam offers ready made rental displays that can also be designed to your specifications – helping create a consistent brand experience.


5. Work With The Pros

Installation, dismantling and storage of a custom display can be extremely labor intensive and when resources are limited this can take away from lead generation and acquisition of potential clients. Partnering with exhibiTeam lets you focus on why you attended the show in the first place, sales. Be sure to schedule your consultation with exhibiTeam to work through the details of your display. Proper planning helps minimize the chances of mistakes and incurring additional costs.

Post by Brad Fernbaugh

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