Effectively Plan Your Trade Show Budget For 2024

Effectively Plan Your Trade Show Budget For 2024

Happy 2024 all! Let’s make sure the new year is off to a great start. Now that Q1 is upon us that means it’s time to plan budgets for the year. One vital piece of that pie should be to your trade show exhibits.

Many important factors to consider when setting your budget are:

– Booth space
– Display cost
– Consultation
– Promotional expenses
– Logistics (such as storage and shipping)
– Staffing
– Show services (such as wifi and security)
– Lead generation and follow up costs

exhibiTeam will help you set your budget and make sure that all the details are accounted for enabling you to stay on budget. Without a proper planning in place, costs can accumulate quickly and potentially derail any gains you may be counting on.

FREE Trade Show Exhibit Budget Guide & Worksheet

To help you set an accurate budget exhibiTeam offers a free Trade Show Exhibit Budget Guide. You read that right. It’s FREE! With our Budget Guide, we make it easy for you to prepare and anticipate costs by setting a budget and creating estimates based on your company’s unique requirements and industry averages. In addition to the guide we also offer a free Trade Show Budget Worksheet to help you keep track of expenses. You’ll find this extremely helpful because you’ll be able to track your individual expenses, see where your money is going at a glance, and how your budget compares to your actual costs. So take a look, give it a try and if you have any questions, let us know.

We’re Here to Help

Our team of dedicated Trade Show Exhibit experts will make sure that everything is accounted for from the biggest expenses that will give you the most impact, down to the little details that can make the difference for a successful event. Partner with exhibiTeam and we’ll make sure you stay within your budget and protect your ROI.

Post by Brad Fernbaugh

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