A Thankful Time of Year

Nov 21, 2017




What does Thanksgiving mean to you? The importance of gratitude shines its light on us this time of year – for all the successes, good fortune and great relationships we have, and for the opportunity to inspire others and collaborate together. Above all we are thankful for the support of our loyal customers – who come back to us year after year.

For those of us in marketing and event management, the deadlines never seem to cease, even though the holidays are fast approaching. The ever-changing scenario of where we are and where we need to go next fills our plates (no pun intended). However, even though deadlines continue and the next tradeshow must be planned and organized, it’s good to step back and realize that without some R&R, all those ideas and energy would be stifled. So, maybe for you, the holidays will give you a little respite from the hurried schedule so you can step back and “savor” your time with friends and family.

For us here at Exhibiteam, we like to think of Thanksgiving as a bountiful time – one in which we are able to help so many exhibiting customers reach their full potential when planning a unique and meaningful presence at important tradeshows. In keeping with this theme of helping people in the industry and appreciating our customers, we’ve recently created a Tradeshow Planning Guide to help you plan for the upcoming year.

As always—not just this time of year—our intent is to be the best resource for a cornucopia of ideas, suggestions, expert advice, experienced management and unparalleled booth design – helping you to navigate the very complex tradeshow marketing industry.  Hopefully, our association will provide you with the ammunition you need to look good as a result of your company looking great.

However you decide to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you find yourself in good company. From all of us at Exhibiteam, we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving – and cheers to the next conversation we will have together.

Post by Scott Arbogast

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