Practical Tips on Displaying Your Product at Trade Shows

Jan 23, 2018




One of the questions we get asked consistently from our customers is “How do we best display our product?” After all, if your company is included in the 80% of exhibitors who have a product to sell, that’s a key factor to consider.  So, unless you are a service provider, there are two things that are certain:  tradeshows are great for displaying your product, and it’s hard to look unique among the hundreds of other exhibitors displaying their great products. So, just how do you make a strong statement and create an eye-catching booth?

Challenges with showcasing products exist for products of any size. To best determine which products to bring to the event, and how to display those products, asking yourself these questions can help guide product display design:

  • How are your products used?
  • Which features/benefits are most important to your customers?
  • How does your product solve problems?
  • What size are your products? The exact dimensions must be knows for effective display design.
  • Do you need slat wall & racks, shelves, tables or counters etc.?
  • Do you want to demo your product?
  • Is video/ audio necessary to highlight uses of your products?
  • Do you need electrical to display/demo products?


We asked exhibiTeam founder, Scott Arbogast, about how to best display products, and below are his top six ways to displaying product at tradeshows:

  1. Give attendees a way to touch, feel and experience your product. This is important because people want to handle the product first hand. Depending on the product, it can mean showcasing your product via interactive technology or simple shelving to convey a comfortable retail environment. In most cases, customers want to get up close and personal with the product. Setting up a dedicated area which includes a large table or counter top for hands-on product demonstrations is a great way to accomplish this. An added benefit is that this results in maximizing visitor engagement.


  1. Keep product displays light. If you choose to bring actual product, be thoughtful about what products and how many. You don’t want your booth visitors to feel overwhelmed. You need room to move, have meaningful conversations and demos. Additionally, you will want to keep the product display area as organized as possible so that your booth visitors can easily digest the breadth and depth of your product line(s). One way to accomplish this is to categorize your product display areas by product line, application or use case. Whenever possible, be sure to categorize your products in a way that is meaningful to your booth visitors.


  1. Think outside the box. How are your competitors displaying products? How can your exhibit company help you to create a product display that stands out? What hasn’t been done before? Maybe its racks from the ceiling, towers with bright images of products, or computer simulation. Try to create a memorable experience with your product so that your booth visitors keep your product top of mind well beyond the close of the show.


  1. Product demos usually have unlimited potential – so be sure to add storage space, counter space, etc., to your design so you have all the elements of a successful demo. If you are performing group or one-on-one product demonstrations, be sure to practice your demo prior to show start. Keeping the product demo area organized is also key in keeping your demos running as smooth as possible.


  1. Don’t forget the company branding to support your products. Will you have a large product on the show floor? Think of how to support it with signage, banners, etc. Your success here will be attributed to cleverly-conceived branding to help support your company messages.


  1. Lighting is key! You can’t possibly have a strong exhibit, with the ultimate display design, if you forget the power of lighting. Make it work for you – not only highlighting your product, but using lighting to attract attention and get people into your booth area. This is often overlooked, but it should actually be at the top of your list. In today’s booth design, there are some fantastic ways to get people into your booth and highlight your best assets.

At exhibiTeam, our consultants are available to guide you on product display best practices, and answer product display design questions. With many decades of experience, we can provide you with several options that would be suitable for your unique needs.


Post by Scott Arbogast

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