Five Tips for Increasing Trade Show Leads

B2B tradeshows have great potential for delivering quality leads. But the mere thought of a trade show conjures up images of a vast ocean of exhibitors whose sales representatives are chomping at the bit to make some sales. So, how do you go about competing with other companies, and score some great leads to demonstrate ROI? Trade shows can be a great way to build the sales funnel, so let’s review five tips on securing more trade show leads:

1. Your Booth
How you present yourself at each trade show says a lot about who you are. Visitors take seconds to size you up (from the aisle), and make a decision to stop or not. Are you emphasizing your unique niche? Are you in serious need of a booth makeover to bring it up to date? If your booth doesn’t look good, it’s not doing you any favors. Remember, people will remember what they saw, and what they experienced while visiting your booth. If quality leads is what you are after, make a good first impression, and work with a qualified exhibit designer to differentiate yourself from the competition.

2. Make it personal
When you collect leads or business cards at a trade show, don’t stop there. Add notes about your conversation to tickle a reminder for follow up after the event. Most welcome post-show follow up if the outreach is personal and reminds them of the conversation they had with you at the show. Paying attention to these details helps develop those relationships and, ultimately, close more business.

3. Strategic booth placement
Before committing to a booth location, understand the basics of trade show booth selection. There are various factors to consider when looking at location on a show floor. Where are your competitors? Where is front entrance? Where will visitors be congregating? Choosing a high traffic location will optimize foot traffic. Sometimes you will pay extra for that corner spot near the entrance, or island display near the break area, but it will be worthwhile if you can staff it adequately to handle the crowd.

4. Focus on quality over quantity
It’s not a numbers game – it’s about making an emotional connection with a prospect. Are you building ways for your audience to interact or experience your company and products? How are they experiencing your brand by visiting your booth? If you make a strong impression and focus on quality over quantity, you have a better chance of them making it through the sales funnel.

5. Brand Identity
Is your brand identity clear? Do you have a brand identity? People want to do business with companies who have strong brand identities and have a unique or memorable approach in the market. In a recent blog on Building Your Company’s Brand, we talk about ways to distinguish your company on a crowded trade show floor. Truth is, brand recognition does bring in traffic and leads, as this level of understanding of what you do and how you do it is conveyed superbly.

Trade shows are expensive, and you only have one chance to make the right impression at your booth. If you are interested in ways to stand out on a busy trade show floor while increasing your odds of obtaining more quality leads, contact exhibiTeam today for a complimentary consultation at 858-240-7530.

Post by Brad Fernbaugh

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